Beach Walk and Walk Therapy in Yamba, NSW

I currently offer counselling via beach walking (at Yamba, NSW) or by online Zoom video call / phone call.

Beach walking (for some or all of the sessions) is a beautiful way to offer or receive counselling as the natural environment stimulates a level of relaxation that is difficult to reach in an indoor situation.

Sessions are tailored to your level of fitness.



I use brain rewiring in many of my counselling and coaching sessions, primarily through guided meditation, which is often recorded for your ongoing use. The elements of a brain rewiring session include the key processes of finding your ideal or desired outcome and releasing underlying beliefs, previous decisions and emotional states which affect your current issues of struggle or limitation.

This work builds new neural pathways incorporating your preferred conditions or outcome, which significantly change your thought and emotional patterns and your resulting behaviour.

It is a very powerful, positive and enjoyable process. While repetition of the process is key to ongoing change, some level of immediate change is often noticed. This is my most preferred practice as it is enjoyable, fast and deeply effective.


My group work combines all of my areas of work – coaching, Groups are tailored to yours need.

In the past, I’ve facilitated groups specifically for anxiety, for women’s personal growth, and focused meditation groups.

My anxiety groups progressed through a 6-week program of gaining skills and knowledge and tackling anxiety while restoring peace of mind and deep relaxation. At the end of the groups, individuals were invited to join my ongoing meditation group.

I’m currently re-writing my courses, based in the principles and processes I’m receiving from the Transformational coaching training that I am currently receiving. Later this year(2022) I’ll be starting up a new online anxiety group and a new online meditation group. I’m also currently preparing to run a pure coaching group. See the link below to like my Facebook page and receive invitations and updates 🙂