“I have found that Jennifer is not only a gifted counsellor but that her extremely beautiful guided meditation changed my life. I highly recommend her.”

Leanne, Teacher, Mt Evelyn, VIC

“Jennifer asked the questions I needed, yet was gentle and very respectful. Some of the strategies Jennifer worked with me I am able to now apply to other issues that arise in day-today life and they make a huge difference. A couple of particularly powerful approaches had such a significant impact on me. Jennifer has helped me to continue to grow and to be happy with who I am as a happy, strong and confident person. Thank you, Jennifer, you are a gift.”

Mark, Youth Support Worker, Monbulk, VIC

“Jennifer always offers the client the space to safely explore their process. She has a substantial ability to provide accurate intuitive analysis. Jennifer is strictly ethical and professional and … is trustworthy, empathetic and persistent. She has enormous integrity”

Louise, Health Practitioner, Warrandyte, VIC

“I have chronic health problems and was feeling stressed and
anxious so I joined Jennifer’s group. The course was
informative and practical and offered a range of techniques to
assist with stress reduction. Jennifer has a caring, empathic
and supportive approach and I would highly recommend the
course for anyone. I feel like I am a different person from the
one who first came to Jennifer”

Faye, Belgrave, VIC

“Jennifer’s way of working was easy to understand and
practice on a daily basis… I would definitely recommend the
group to others, as I feel it really helped me. Many thanks
Jennifer for all your love and the care you give to us all.”

Kathleen, Hair Stylist, Emerald, VIC

“Jennifer is a compassionate, supportive counsellor who has
an amazing ability to allow me to explore my past traumatic events and the challenges that have presented in my life.
Jennifer has given me tools and techniques to overcome my fears and anxiety. My self-esteem and confidence have improved greatly and Jennifer inspires me to implement selflove and well-being.”

Sue, Sales Manager, Beaumaris, VIC